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ONE TIME OFFER - Turtle Ball 2.0 - Bungee Cord Training (JUST $17)Get instant access to one of the most revolutionary training methods for hitters to improve their hitting on specialty pitches such as Off-Speed and Elevated Fastballs using Bungee Cords! Get the program now for 54% off the regular price!

Turtle Ball 2.0 - Visual Tracking

If you can't see the ball...and more importantly...if you can't identify the pitch that is coming your way quickly, then you're ability to consistently hit it with success is going to virtually go away! 
In order to become a successful hitter, you have to know what is coming as quickly as you can.

What you'll get:

  • Different Training Tools To Help You Focus In On The Ball
  • Different Balls To Force You To See The Ball Better The Entire Time
  • Several Ways To Use Cones Guaranteed To Help Hitters See Everything Better