Turtle Ball 2.0 - Hitter's Strength & Conditioning


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There is a reason that it's called "Turtle Ball". 
It's unlike anything you've ever seen before...and the best part is that it's been proven to work for 1000's of hitters JUST LIKE YOU!

Who Is Turtle Thomas?

Turtle Thomas is a legendary College Baseball Coach that has made stops with programs like: LSU, Clemson, University of Miami, Georgia Tech, Florida International University and Arizona State University.


He was also a Catching instructor for 7 years in the Texas Rangers Minor League Organization.


During his time as a College Coach, Turtle racked up the following accolades:

  • 14 Trips to the College World Series in Omaha

  • 2 National Championships (Miami & LSU)

  • ​19 Consecutive Top 10 Recruiting Classes (Baseball America)

  • Over 70 Former Players Have Made It To MLB

  • All-Time Highest Team Batting Average at Miami (.343) and LSU (.340)

  • The #1 Recruiting Class (4) Different Times (NCAA Record)

So as you can see, that's quite a resume and so many of these accomplishments were made by players that went through the same style of training and drills....referred to as "Turtle Ball"....that is completely unique and more impactful than anything else out there today!

One of those many areas of Turtle Ball that those players went through are his incredible Hitter's Strength & Conditioning Workouts.

And that is exactly what you have in front of you right now...if you have ever had the opportunity to shake hands with an elite level hitter, you probably noticed how it felt like a vice grip clamping down on your hand.
The reason is because strong hands and forearms, along with an explosive core, are essential to generating power and being more consistent at the plate.... 
...And that is EXACTLY what you have in Turtle Ball 2.0 - Hitters Strength & Conditioning! 

Turtle is like the mad scientist when it comes to creating drills to make a player a better hitter!

In Turtle Ball 2.0 - Hitter's Strength & Conditioning....it is no different.

Take A Sneak Peek Inside...

  • Discover the movements that not only build long ball strength, but ACTUALLY compliment the hitter's swing, making it more efficient and productive!
  • Understand why weight room strength training just won't cut it to make you a better...more powerful hitter. You have to do something with that new weight room strength and you'll see what that is inside!
  • Unlock your grip and forearm strength with several different strength and conditioning exercises that are guaranteed to turn your bat into a missle launcher in no time!
  • And much, MUCH more!

Turtle Ball 2.0 - Hitter's Strength & Conditioning

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This Entire Course Will Build That "Man Strength" That You Need To Launch Balls Into Orbit In The Only Way That Turtle Can Do...Like No One Else!

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